An Old Angel

I had just crashed on a bench in the park as an old man stopped in front of me. "When I was your age I used to run like a horse and you are wasting a morning on this bench", he blabbered uninvitingly. I looked at him and he was smiling as if he was Birbal and had just given the best advice to Akbar. I got up (out of sheer respect for his age) and offered him the seat. I just started running; somehow I was not feeling the ache and was not feeling heavy either. I thought that the old was an angelic figure or may be he just wanted my seat. I looked back and could not see the old man... (because a tree was blocking my view). Good day on the track ran the longest of distance till date. I think marathon is not completely off the table :)

Tarun Chandel
Run-->Get Tired-->Break-->Run-->Get Tired--...

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