Cross Training

First day at the cross training. Started with skipping and it was really fun. Next I tried squats and after doing just 5 I was about to crash, still I pushed myself for 20. Though it got easy later on, but I am sure I will feel it while using the stairs. I somehow did the situps but the toughest part was yet to come. I tried Vajrasana (yoga), it is supposed to make your body tough. In the first attempt, I could hardly sit for 10 secs. In second try I pushed for 20 seconds, it felt like a truck was passing over my legs. Cross training was over in 5 mins. The confident feeling that I was building in last 2 days at jogging was gone; I am still in horrible condition.

“Give up, give up a Business Analyst need not run, go back to the comfortable life”
This is what I keep hearing in my head. May be I should ...

Tarun Chandel
Need to avoid using stairs today

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Anonymous said...

Watch this, from Sidhu with love.

Come to my house on weekend, will do 26 floors in 2.5 mins.

Unknown said...

--> Gaurav: That requires insane level of fitness and I don't think I will reach that level in years to come. I don't think even Sidhu has done that and he is atleast 1000 times better than me.

Anonymous said...

It is for inspiration buddy not to do. That guy was a professional and he died while attempting some other insane stuff.

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