2 weeks completed

Yeah!!! Proved some people wrong but more than that surprised myself.
After running today one of my toe is hurting a bit, I hope it is nothing serious.

Tarun Chandel
Still a long way to go...

IMP: I will be going offline for some days and will update this blog after coming back online.

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Rohit Srivastwa said...

Freak I lost the bet, but I'm happy to loose :)

Ranjan said...

Run...run...run ...Forest....RUN..


Bhakte raho dost :)

Anonymous said...


glad to see this blog!!....all the best in your pursuit to lead a healthy living!


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you quit right after 2 weeks...!!

Deepali said...

Still running?

Anonymous said...

Stopped running kya ?

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