2 weeks completed

Yeah!!! Proved some people wrong but more than that surprised myself.
After running today one of my toe is hurting a bit, I hope it is nothing serious.

Tarun Chandel
Still a long way to go...

IMP: I will be going offline for some days and will update this blog after coming back online.

Best Day

Today I ran for 20 mins without taking break and that includes a sprint at the end. I had to push myself at a lot of places, especially at the point where I generally used to stop. The sprint at the end was the best part, as I did not know how much I had left in me, but the outcome surprised me (though I was almost breathless at the end and everyone passing by was staring at me but for the first time I was feeling good about it). Good day at running, really happy :)

Tarun Chandel  
I am surprising myself

Cross Training

First day at the cross training. Started with skipping and it was really fun. Next I tried squats and after doing just 5 I was about to crash, still I pushed myself for 20. Though it got easy later on, but I am sure I will feel it while using the stairs. I somehow did the situps but the toughest part was yet to come. I tried Vajrasana (yoga), it is supposed to make your body tough. In the first attempt, I could hardly sit for 10 secs. In second try I pushed for 20 seconds, it felt like a truck was passing over my legs. Cross training was over in 5 mins. The confident feeling that I was building in last 2 days at jogging was gone; I am still in horrible condition.

“Give up, give up a Business Analyst need not run, go back to the comfortable life”
This is what I keep hearing in my head. May be I should ...

Tarun Chandel
Need to avoid using stairs today

15 Minutes at a stretch WooHahaha...

Another good day at running. Today for the first time I was able to run at a stretch for more than 5 mins. I jogged for almost 15 mins without taking a break. Passing the first five minutes was tough but after that for next ten minutes it was fun. I think I had glimpses of getting my rhythm back. Though the speed was very slow but I was pushing to go on without taking any breaks, speed I will build over time.

Tarun Chandel
Now we are running :)

An Old Angel

I had just crashed on a bench in the park as an old man stopped in front of me. "When I was your age I used to run like a horse and you are wasting a morning on this bench", he blabbered uninvitingly. I looked at him and he was smiling as if he was Birbal and had just given the best advice to Akbar. I got up (out of sheer respect for his age) and offered him the seat. I just started running; somehow I was not feeling the ache and was not feeling heavy either. I thought that the old was an angelic figure or may be he just wanted my seat. I looked back and could not see the old man... (because a tree was blocking my view). Good day on the track ran the longest of distance till date. I think marathon is not completely off the table :)

Tarun Chandel
Run-->Get Tired-->Break-->Run-->Get Tired--...

Oversized Girl

Today I was feeling good as I was moving faster than usual. Just then a lady at-least thrice my size overtook me and I was thinking that I was really fast. Another sad day on the track. I am slower than kids, oldies, fat guys and even the oversized girls. Seriously what was I thinking before registering for the Marathon.

Tarun Chandel

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