Soccer kids

As I stopped to catch my breath, thinking that I can’t even walk, a bunch of kids ran past me. They were members of a school's soccer team, I figured out from their attire. Kid leading the group was hardly one third of my height. Their coach was shouting, just 4 more rounds to go. And I was sitting there catching my breath, thinking what the hell am I doing? These kids are in far better shape then I will ever be in my life. As if my thoughts were not negative enough, a kid said, "uncle go home." May be he was right, I shouldn't be running like a crazy guy. May be I should stay at home. May be I should give up. May be I should change my route...

I am saying too many "may be"s. Not a good sign...

Tarun Chandel
Damn tired

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Anonymous said...

Arey dude... u need to prepare for the marathon in a very systematic way. There r loadsa sites n forums which help u do that. don't increase more than 10% every week.

Follow this

I have a bunch of links/ marathon routines that one needs to follow. Will mail u the same.

Let me know if you find the above useful.

Anonymous said...

Tarun - what surface are you running on? Tar roads? Or grass? Start by running on grass. You'll be able to run longer and face less injuries too.

Also remember to do stretches before you start running.

And have a simple goal: to run for 10-15 more seconds without stopping than yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Obviously kids are in better shape than you, they are kids. And they must have been practicing for a while did you not hear the coach 4 more rounds. Please keep the may bes at bay and just run. Things will get better.

Unknown said...

--> Nishit: I know man that I need to prepare in a systematic manner but right now I am just trying to run for more than 30 seconds at a stretch. First let me run for decently then only I will be able to increase by 10% :)

The link is very useful, do send me more such links. Tell me how much time did you spend on training while you were preparing, I know too early to benchmark but just keen to know. And did you face the similar situation as I am doing?

Unknown said...

--> Ankesh: Currently I am running on the tracks in park (red stone). I want to run on grass but there due to rains it is difficult to run there. I do a bit of stretching before I start jogging but I am hardly running any distance right now. I am having fairly simple goal for this goal :)

--> Ria: Thanks for the words of encouragement. Even I am hoping the things will get better, but not really sure. Right now my whole body is aching and legs are hurting like anything. So it's not easy to stay upbeat all the time.

Anonymous said...

b4 I started running, I brisk walk for a week around 5-7km everyday. Get a pedometer for measuring distance or in my case I went down the road on my bike ..calculated the distance and followed the same path everyday :) Walk fast enough that your legs ache after a while and that you build a good stamina at the end of the week.
In the second week I used to brisk walk-run-brisk walk..on the same path..and slowly increase the pace and the distance.
I used to cycle once a week and swim in the evenings for 30 mins if I get some time.

Will start preparing again from 1st aug.

BTW don't give up.. watch Kung Fu Panda instead :)

Unknown said...

--> Nishit: Wow you had a much better plans than mine, may be you were in better shape than I. My first week plan is to survive and keep going back to jogging every single morning. Let me get consistent and bit better at running, then I will need to measure the distance.

KungFu Panda??

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