Smiles on the jogging track

Got up early this morning and walked out to jog with sleep not completely out of my eyes. As I was jogging, for the first time in last so many days (feels like eternity, actually just 6) people were greeting me with smile. Believe me it felt way better than a hot chocolate fudge (somehow can't keep the high calories stuff off my mind). I felt confident and pushed myself for longer distance than usual. The morning workout was going great. As I stopped to catch my breath an old couple passed me and even they smiled at me. Wow, these people have finally evolved and starting to appreciate a true effort.

I reached home all drenched in sweat (and bit of drizzle). When I was changing, I realized that I was wearing my T-Shirt inside out. Aarrghhh.. that's why everyone was smiling. Chocolate fudge was suddenly replaced with the Karela (Bitter gourd) Juice.

Tarun Chandel
Every morning don't just get up. Wake Up!

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--> Sonali: I know you are not any different than the oldies at park :)

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