Rain plays spoilsport

Rain Rain Rain.
Question: How to prepare for marathon when it is raining?

Tarun Chandel
Rainy Day

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Rohit Srivastwa said...

This one for you

Specially this

Unknown said...

--> Rohit: Feels good that I am reading it after running today :)

Anonymous said...

Somehow I love this blog n come back to comment everyday :)

A. Get urself a treadmill! or use that of ur neighbor..or if u live in a high rise building u can compensate by climbing the stairs up n down 2-3 times..initially, at the end of the day its building the stamina dat counts

Unknown said...

--> Nishit: Running in rains is much more fun than going up and down the stairs. Good that you like this blog (though I am not sure whether I should be happy about that as I am yet to have a good experience to write about). Hopefully I will continue to run and this blog will have some good moments as well.

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