Just another usual bad day on the track

As I was jogging today, a guy (much older than me) passed by from the opposite side, as he saw me he touched him tummy and grinned. Though he never said anything, it was clearly an indication that he felt better as there are people in worse shape than him. Such a sadist; I felt like a fat pig. Another bad day on the track. Running was hardly any better than yesterday.

Tarun Chandel
Weekend morning used to be nice

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Rohit Srivastwa said...

prachand hasan evam bhumi var lotan

Jatinder Singh said...

Firstly, you are awesome, you know how to grip your blog readers. I am so addicted.
This is a sheer coincident. I started jogging about 7-8 months ago and I was going through similar things. It started with 1 km and now went up to 7 km's(4 days a week); things that helped me were new jog clothes(oh yeah baby, I need to see me running in those shoes), a small reward for me every week(it could be a buffet, or a daaru party), ipod(musicccc) and twitter status updates.

Wishing you all the luck. You'll pass with flying colors.

Jatinder Singh said...

Too bad that I can't subscribe to your comments by email.

Anonymous said...

The only time I know that guys take the health matter so seriously (as I noticed that people r actually having bet on ur jogging activity)is
1. Either their latest girlfriend wants her BF in a good shape so that she can show off to her GF's
2. else ur parents have found a girl 4 marriage (so u have suddenly realised that u need to be in shape)

Sana Raazi - Hope u remember :)

Ranjan said...

I found some thing...you want to control your tummy??
here is an easyway...the guy I live with here is a big fitness freak and he follows a rotune called 'P90x' and I alos happen to work out with him.. .. download this stuff from net and do the 'abb ripper X'.High intensity work outs... and its awesome...I do it .and it works!!

Ranjan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

--> Rohit: How you find such a sad story funny is beyond me.

--> Jatinder: Thanks, you are the first one to say that I will do it. Regarding the comments, the new blogger comment form doesn't have that option. I have created comments RSS delivery through email, you can find it in the sidebar.

Unknown said...

--> Sonali: Yes, I do remember you. No those are not the reasons that I am getting serious about my health. But very interesting observation that, a guy has to get in shape for the friends of his GF. Does this apply to wife as well? If yes, then my sympathies are with Jamaal :)

--> Ranjan: P90X sounds like a product that Dilbert designed. I don't believe it... no not the product but the "I do it" part. About the comment you removed, you are not the only one who finds it funny, so you could have kept that comment.

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