First day out

Got up this morning all excited about starting my preparations for the Marathon. Wore my new jogging shoes, I bought them around 6 months back (yes thinking about running for a while).

Started running all excited and thinking about Rocky, but 30 seconds later I was getting breathless. I pushed myself for some more time but it was getting very tough. I was jogging so fast that a walking school kid overtook me. I know I am in bad shape but this was extremely bad.

I ran for around half a kilometer with 2 breaks in between and each time I stopped, I was almost breathless. With every passing second my legs were aching more; I had to stop as I thought they may fell off. I waited for a while to catch my breath and when I started my walk towards home, each step was making me realize how much I weigh. Climbing stairs was the most difficult part in the whole morning. I am sure I have gone crazy to think that I can run a marathon, I think I am going to give up really soon.

Tarun Chandel
First jog in 5 years

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Anonymous said...

haha. My new shoes always motivate me. Try getting some nice music too.. keep going now, don't stop.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Hey--all the best and don't give up!Every great journey starts with a single small step.

Anonymous said...

You need to plan your preparation with definite milestones and targets. Break your preparations on week basis to begin with. For every week keep a target. Since you couldn't last more than 30 sec, so you need to begin cautiously for first couple of weeks and start with beginner's run , Do this:

Run for 1 minute (take sports watch with you)
Walk for 2 minutes (ease run into a brisk walk)
Run for 1 Minute
walk for 2 minutes
Run for 1 minute......walk for 2 minutes

Use this pattern with variations for first 2-3 weeks by increasing your running times between walks. Then from second week you can start running with small goals like 1 or 2 km to begin with.Increase it every week based on how you feel, ideally by an extra kilometer. You need to push your body little more every week to build stamina. Just when you feel like stopping, run for another 5 minutes.Push it harder.

Anonymous said...

"I was jogging so fast that a walking school kid overtook me." Ho ho ho Tell me where you go for running I have got to see this ... ROFL

Anonymous said...

Keep going things will get better buddy (but that was funny)


Unknown said...

--> Mahafreed: New shoes were inviting for 6 months but today was the lucky day. Will not give up without a decent try.

--> Ps: Thanks for such nice words.

--> Gaurav: Thanks for sharing that routine, will try to follow it.

--> Raj: I hope things do get better otherwise I will just have a funny story to tell :(

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