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I am starting this blog with an aim to start living a healthy life. I am going to lead a healthier lifestyle from now on and this blog will be a log of my healthier activities. I am overweight, the famous "IT Belly" is making its presence felt, the popular "double chin" is about to get another brand ambassador. I am in really bad shape and I hate it.

Thanks to my lifestyle where a Pizza a day keeps me fit and fatty, where I search for essential vitamins in Maggi and get my dose of instant energy from deep fried samosas. On a day when I want to eat healthy I have veg burger but with extra cheese otherwise it is butter chicken with extra butter. Skipping breakfast is very common and is duly compensated by super heavy lunch. Only exercise I do in the whole day is moving my fingers on keyboard. That's my life... sad... yes it is!

I am going to change it. I am going to change my habits, I am going to live a healthy life. Wish me luck and stay with me while I do this.

Welcome to the Healthy Living Blog. This Blog is all about living a healthy life.

Tarun Chandel
Health is Wealth

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Anonymous said...

Hey! good luck...well thought is half begun? Details of your regimen?

Anonymous said...

Excellent decision Tarun.

Tip: get a buddy. Some one who is in the same position as you. So you can keep each other motivated. And make sure both hit the gym and follow the eating habits properly.

Anonymous said...

Gud thought .. Hope you are able to maintain it..

Unknown said...

--> Meetu: Thanks and are you wondering that, well thought is half done? Even I am not sure about that.

--> Ankesh: Thanks esp for the tip! Though it is not easy to find such a buddy. Idea, we should have a social networking site that helps people finding fitness partner. Oh no I am suppose to spend less time online :) (see the addiction is not that easy to control).

--> Krity: Even I hope that ;) Now that I have decided to run in the Marathon, it is not going to be easy :|

Anonymous said...

nice site! Keep it up..it has useful information, thank you very much! it helps a lot. Ill come back to this sometimes.

Norte Vita

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